www.andela.com Software Engineers Recruitment and ICT Specialist

www.andela.com Software Engineers Recruitment and ICT Specialist

Skilled software engineers and excellent communicators

We’re looking for dreamers and builders with remarkable talent and limitless potential. Think you have what it takes

Don’t let talent hold you back. Tell us what you need to build and we’ll assemble a team with the right experience and culture fit

Our core stacks are Javascript (React.js, Angular.js), Python, Ruby, PHP, and Android. We also have the ability to support additional technologies including Java, DevOps, and iOS, depending on scope and availability.

www.andela.com Software Engineers Recruitment and ICT Specialist

Soft skills are just as critical as technical expertise. Beyond raw talent and technical ability, we assess communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills.

Andela software engineers are imbued with both the hard software engineering skills and the power skills to work as part of a high functioning team

Hire Hundreds of smarter software engineers in days, not months, just with Andela Teams

The average engineering team spends 59 days, 65 hours, and $23k in hidden hiring costs to recruit, interview, and onboard each new software engineer.

With Andela, you’re able to fill open roles immediately without any tax on your in-house engineering bandwidth.

Engineer Performance Monitoring.

You rely on Application Performance Monitoring to get deep performance analytics on how your software environments are functioning. Andela believes you need the same level of real-time insights about the performance of your software engineers. We provide the data and tools you need to quantify output and understand the impact.

We handle talent assessment, onboarding, and continuous improvement. You get back to building.

Do you have a deep understanding of the digital learning experience? Do you seek to improve the engagement of people who are considering what they need to learn in the process of learning?

Are you a passionate marketing professional? Are you looking for an environment where you can drive innovation and promote a rapidly expanding organisation

Software Engineers Recruitment and ICT Specialist

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