Telpecon Training of Staff/Seminar Date for 2021 Disbursement of Grant

Telpecon Training of Staff/Seminar Date for 2021 Disbursement of Grant

Telpecon Grant Disbursement Documentation is necessary because it is obvious that most people just want to collect grant without minding the let-down rules and conditions attached to grant despite that it is free of charge

We wish to announce to all telpecon members that there will be a telpecon seminar to every telpecon applicants immediately after the training of telpecon staff who are already undergoing staff training.

This telpecon seminar will serve as a guide because there will be a telpecon supervisor that will be assign to every applicant which is part of the telpecon documentation before the disbursement of Telpecon 2021 fund will take place.

Telpecon Training of Staff/Seminar Date for 2021 Disbursement of Grant
Telpecon Seminar Centers and Disbursement 2021

Telpecon Training of Staff/Seminar Date for 2021 Disbursement of Grant

Telpecon Fund Disbursement Postponement Update for 2021

Telpecon Grant Empowerment Agency has advised all the applicant to get ready to start-up their various businesses once the receive fund & they should also focus on the actual business they have an idea and interest for to avoid misappropriate of fund and this was why everybody will be assign a supervisor to ensure you achieve your coal.

Telpecon management has appealed to everybody to calm down because this telpecon disbursement of fund will take a lot of time while we ensure this fund is utilized judiciously because we are trying to ensure that 80 to 90 percent of people that will receive this grant will make an impact to the economy of this nation positively.

Telpecon seminar will commence immediately after staff training and posting of staff to various locations nationwide before the commencement of telpecon 2021 seminars will start, though the telpecon seminars will be in 3 different batches to maintain the federal government covid-19 protocols.

Application must keep their phone numbers available and also check their email address frequently to enable them to be current and not to miss any stage of the Telpecon disbursement 2021 processes because.

Telpecon Seminar Conference 2021 Disbursement of Fund Empowerment

The Management of Telpecon grant agency made the appeal in Abuja while assessing the compliance of prospective registered members towards the ongoing Telpecon Grant 2021 disbursement meeting exercise.
Telpecon Grant Empowerment Agency 2021 postponement of disbursement date

Telpecon disbursement management said the Agency is happy with the successful completed registered members and also ensure to release the Seminar centers soon.

Telpecon management said all the registered members should not accommodate impatience and unruly behavior due to the rescheduling of the disbursement date.

Telpecon warns applicant and also advised to keep in-touch on the next phase of the exercise and also visit the official website regularly for latest update or visit

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Telpecon Seminar Centers and Disbursement 2021.

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