Startup Nigeria New Registration Date and How to Apply for Interview

Startup Nigeria New Registration Date and How to Apply for Interview

We wish to inform those who successfully applied for Startup Nigeria to decide and conclude If they are going to do the business anywhere in Africa, or Nigeria once you are empowered because it has to be where you have the energy, you have the drive and it has to be a kind of activity, business people will always be driven by profit.

“Talent will always go in the direction where it is best rewarded; one can’t afford to be sentimental about that.

The opportunities for making huge profits are here because as people see that the environment is getting better for business, they will come back to join you Practically, everything we are doing is to ensure that there is an environment for business to thrive People and this Empowerment Programme is encouraged due to youth unemployment in the country and that was why the office of Vice President, through Startup Nigeria funds & develops an innovative idea to support mentorship and technical trainings across companies in Nigeria to eliminate poverty in Nigeria and Africa.

Nigeria’s Vice President has said the problem of extreme poverty in Nigeria gives him sleepless nights.

Though this is in-line with the invitation for technical, financial and capital project of his Excellency the Vice President of Nigeria who has launched Startup Nigeria 2019 empowerment

Startup Nigeria New Registration Date and How to Apply for Interview

Startup Nigeria New Registration Date and How to Apply for Interview
Startup Nigeria New Application Form Starts Soon

He said what keeps him up at night has to do with extreme poverty; the issue is that the largest number of those who voted are very poor and this was why the office of the Vice President launched Startup Nigeria 2019

I will like to see Nigeria being an industrialised nation in the next 10 years; a very strong middle class and most people living above poverty line.

Poverty is analyzed to mean the incapacitated for an adult to averagely speed a uniform sum of money daily. Currently many youths have the business idea but most times, businesses can’t move unless there is startup money.

The promises that government makes to them is that their lives will be better and obviously they are looking at their lives being better in the shortest possible time.

Vice President has launched Startup Nigeria Empowerment and he don’t play down on the realism that what people really need is money for empowerment

Startup Nigeria is aimed at empowering young Nigerians with specialized skills to take up existing job vacancies in both private and public sectors

Startup Nigeria Registration Procedure

we wish to inform you about the official website of Startup Nigeria and also to inform you that Startup Nigeria 2019 recruitment of new intake has commenced to all category despite the qualification either Graduate, Non- Graduate and Others. for already registered applicant should kindly login to their Startup Nigeria dash-board account to view and know the latest information for the next stage of Startup Nigeria 2019 Programme

Once you click on the registration portal or the website click on the “New Trainee Applicant and A form will appear for you to start making your registration or you can follow the steps below

New Trainers should click on the “New Trainer Applicant” Link below

For more information, you can drop your Comment in our comment box bellow, or always login to

Kindly keep intouch with this website for your latest information update at when necessary Continuation of Registration Form Apply Now

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