Prosper Africa Empowerment and Business Opportunity Initiative

Prosper Africa Empowerment and Business Opportunity Initiative

Prosper Africa is a consultancy specialised in the French-speaking African countries.

As a link between Africa and Europe, Prosper Africa supports companies in their market activities in these demanding but profitable markets. The company focus is on the development of sustainable strategies for market entry and the improvement of market presence.

Prosper Africa Empowerment and Business Opportunity Initiative
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Prosper Africa also provides services to international investment funds and governments of Africa’s Francophone countries. To booster trader investment

This is the century of Africa. The continent’s economies are gaining momentum and new markets are emerging. Africa is about to write the next chapter of globalisation.

Especially the French-speaking African countries are currently on a remarkable growth path. They have been showing an above-average development for some time and offer a huge market potential for European companies.

The right moment to enter these markets is now.


Prosper Africa is a consultancy which supports companies from Europe in their economic activities in Africa’s French-speaking countries.

As Austria’s first consulting firm with this exclusive regional focus, Prosper Africa provides assistance for companies in entering these markets and in strengthening their market presence. The consultancy focuses on delivery transactions, project business, services, direct investments and the transfer of know-how.

Furthermore, Prosper Africa supports international investment funds in their operations in Francophone Africa and accompanies governments of African countries in their international activities.

Huge business opportunities through strong growth

Although the markets of Africa’s French-speaking countries have shown a remarkably positive economic development over the past years, companies from Europe, especially from German-speaking countries, have given too little attention to these booming regions. For several years Africa’s Francophone states have been among the continent’s economic frontrunners. According to the forecasts of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), this development will continue: in 2019, Francophone countries such as Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Benin, Burkina Faso and Guinea will belong to the group of Africa’s most dynamically expanding economies.

Prosper Africa Empowerment and Business Opportunity Initiative

These dynamic markets highly demand for technologies, products, services and know-how in virtually all sectors. Companies from Europe, especially from German-speaking countries, enjoy an outstanding reputation in these markets. Due to current diversification efforts in Africa’s French-speaking countries these companies are at the right spot at the right time. This holds true for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as world market leaders.

Continent of the future

As a link between francophone Africa and Europe, Prosper Africa ensures that companies use the continent’s commercial potential in a professional and an efficient manner.

By identifying business opportunities and developing strategies for the market entry and the expansion of market presence, Prosper Africa supports companies in handling the respective political and institutional environment by accurately assessing and controlling risks.

Together with strong partner networks, Prosper Africa creates the best possible framework to drive companies to successes in demanding markets.

Africa is the continent of the future. The arising opportunities should be seized for the good of Africa and Europe.

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