NABA Financial Aid Application Form 2020 Scholarship

NABA Financial Aid Application Form 2020 Scholarship

Welcome to the NABA application. We appreciate your interest and look forward to considering you as a new member of NABA community. For the future,

NABA Financial Aid Application Form 2020 Scholarship
NABA 2020 Scholarship Registration

We offer a variety of funding opportunities to encourage and support ambitious students from all backgrounds, and from around the world, to come and study.

NABA offers financial aid consisting of a partial reduction of the tuition fee, to deserving students who have financial constraints.

NABA Financial Aid Application Form 2020 Scholarship

Requests will be evaluated based on the student’s academic merit combined with the student’s financial situation. In order to apply for financial aid, students must first meet enrollment requirements for their program of interest. Students are requested to:

  • Financial Aid Application Form
  • Write an official letter specifying the reasons for their request.
  • Provide official documents proving their financial situation (e.g., income tax return, bank statements, pay stubs, etc.; documents must be submitted in English).

Requests will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Board at the end of each month. Students will receive an official communication from the NABA International Admissions Department informing them of the Board’s decision.

In order to apply to NABA programs, all candidates should follow the instruction provided for each specific Bachelor of Arts Degree (Diploma Accademico di 1° Livello), Master of Arts Degree (Diploma Accademico di 2° Livello) and 1st Level Master courses.

Applications are assessed over two phases:
–    Evaluation of technical skills by the relevant Course Leader;
–    Pre-evaluation of school/academic qualifications received in digital format by the International Admissions Office.

The outcome of the assessment is communicated directly to the applicants by e-mail, to the email address indicated on their application form.
For applicants with foreign qualifications, the final confirmation of the eligibility will be given after the submission of the complete enrolment dossier and its subsequent assessment by the Foreign Qualification Assessment Board.

In addition, in Italy, specific ministerial provisions regulate the access to BA, MA and 1st Level Master Programs at Italian universities and Artistic, Music and Dance Higher Education Institutions (Alta Formazione Artistica, Musicale e Coreutica – AFAM), with different regulations applying to EU citizens or students with an equivalent status and to non-EU citizens residing abroad (please refer to the relevant ministerial provisions)

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