10 Was to Earn in Avalyn Organic Care 10 Was to Earn in Avalyn Organic Care

Avalyn Organic Care Car Award Benefit & how to withdraw bonuses payment

1 Retial profit

Buy at members price and sell to earn profit up to 20%

A retail sale can be made by directing others to your personal website where they place their order or the can purchase the companys products directly from you

Avalyn Organic Care International Compensation Plan & Packages 10 Was to Earn in Avalyn Organic Care 10 Was to Earn in Avalyn Organic Care

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2 Referral Bonus

Earn up to 30% referral bonus irrespective of your packages

3 matching Bonus

Here the distributor enjoys the pairing on each 50pv in their binary network, note that the computations are calculated based on distributors basic packages, when affiliate has 50pv left and 50pv right, its equal to one pair #3,750.

4 upgrade Bonus

The distributor irrespective of the entry package earn upgrade bonus as follows

1st  – 25%

2st gen – 3%

3rd  gen – 2%

Also earns the pv pairing that comes with the upgrade.

5 personal volume bonus

This bonus is paid to distributors who purchase personal volume within the month in view. The distributor’s earns 15% of all volume personally purchased within the month in view

6 Unilevel Bonus

This is the commission earned from the repurchases of affiliates within our sponsors tree and may be earned up to 13 generations.

1st – ­­­5%

2nd _ 3%

3rd _ 2%

4th 2%

5th 2%

6th 2%

7th 1%

8th 1%

9th 2%

10th 2%

11th 2%

12th 3%

13th 3%


7 stockist Bonus

Stockist packages, bonuses and allowance: mini shop package

#2,000,000-mini-shop owner earns a one time 15%

8 leadership bonus

9 Ranks Award

10 Grobal Pool

Grobal Pool 20% will be shared among the people the ambassador level and above

Avalyn Organic Care International Packages







Double Diamond


Avalyn Organic Care International is a direct sales and distribution company with root in South Africa and incorporated in Nigeria.

Avalyn is the scent of life providing a holistic approach to healthy living and financial wellbeing through the distribution of our product and the incentivization of our distributors who are at the epicentre of the distribution chain.


The Avalyn Advantage

Our products are sourced from botanical raw material that are physiologically and environmentally adaptable to Africa. At the epicentre of the Avalyn advantage is our SENOX STEM CELL which is a revolution in alternative and complementary medicine.

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