How Do I Make Money On Mercari

How Do I Make Money On Mercari

How Do I Make Money On Mercari
What Is Mercari

Mercari will take a 10 percent commission on everything you sell. You don’t pay to list your items for sale. You only pay the commission when your items sell. You will get paid when the buyer rates the transaction. You might be thinking, what happens if the buyer doesn’t feel like it? Mercari has taken this into account. The buyer has three days to rate the transaction, and if it does not get rated, then Mercari automatically rates it as approved.

Mercari offers two ways to pay:

  1. Direct deposit into your checking account: There is no fee for this, unless you request less than $10, in which you will pay a $2 fee. It can take up to five days to be deposited, and it can only be transferred into a checking account. Make sure you have your bank’s routing number and your account number handy. You will also be charged a $2 fee if your bank rejects the direct deposit.
  2. Instant Pay, through a linked debit card: Mercari will charge a $2 fee for this convenience, however, the money will get into your bank account in minutes. So, if timing is important, the fee might be acceptable. Mercari allows for up to $500 a month to be paid out via Instant Pay. You can only make one Instant Pay request per day.

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  1. Some tips when on selling on Mercari

    Mercari is a wonderful place to sell your stuff. Some women make serious money selling on this platform. This can be whatever you want it to be. It can be a place to get rid of stuff so you can declutter your home and make some quick cash in the process. Or, it could be a side light for you where you create a steady supplement to your household income. No matter which option you choose, here are some tips when you sell on Mercari:

    • How much to charge: Determine what a fair price is. If you are paying for shipping, remember to add enough into the price to cover the cost. If you are selling used clothing, then price appropriately. Nobody wants to pay full retail for used clothes. If your item is new and unused, they can get up to 80 percent of the retail value. Slightly used can get between 30 to 60 percent. If the clothes have a lot of wear and tear or are damaged, maybe 20 to 40 percent.
    • Should I post a firm price? Some sellers will put in the title or description that the price is firm. However, that will not stop people from sending you a message asking if you will take a lower price. Use your discretion. Also, see who else is selling similar items.
    • What if my clothes don’t sell? Consider marking down the price, just like you would do at a garage sale as you are ready to wrap things up. If you reduce the price, and it still does not sell, then remove the item for sale. Evaluate your title, description, photos, and other elements to see if you can improve the chances of selling your stuff. Then, relist the product again at the original price.
    • Understand retail arbitrage: This is a fancy way of saying there are people who buy and sell on Mercari, eBay and Amazon who look for deals, then turn around and sell them for a higher profit. It is very popular with high-end athletic shoes and clothing lines. Sometimes this is referred to as flipping. So, before you agree to lower your price, check out the potential buyer to see how active she or he is on the selling sites.
    • How Do I Make Money On Mercari

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