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Established in 2010, The Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) is an African private-sector-led philanthropy in Africa championing entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs across the continent. The Foundation’s long-term investment in empowering African entrepreneurs is emblematic of Tony Elumelu’s philosophy of Africapitalism, which positions Africa’s private sector, and most importantly entrepreneurs, as the catalyst for the social and economic development of the continent. The Foundation’s flagship initiative, the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme, is a 10-year, $100 million commitment to identify, train mentor and fund 10,000 entrepreneurs, capable of changing the face of business across Africa.

Our milestones outlined below, speak for themselves:

    • – We have provided training, mentoring and funding to 9,360 African start-ups from 54 African countries, selected from over 300,000 applications.
    • – We have staged the largest gathering of African entrepreneurs in Lagos, Nigeria.
    • – We have travelled across Africa with Founder, Tony Elumelu, introducing the TEF entrepreneurs to their political leaders at the highest levels of government, to bring these entrepreneurs and their challenges to the attention of policymakers who can effect changes that will improve the enabling environment, for not just TEF entrepreneurs but for all entrepreneurs in the respective countries.
    • – We have facilitated TEF entrepreneurs with setting up Alumni Country Chapters and Networks across the 54 African countries.
    • – The Foundation has leveraged its access to unique data, to produce original reports to support advocacy agenda to improve the ecosystem for African entrepreneurs:
      Unleashing Africa’s Entrepreneurs: Improving the Enabling Environment for Start-ups; Africans Investing in Africa, collaborated with University of Edinburgh to produce a report on Africapitalism and a Teaching Case Study is being developed by the Bertha Centre, University of Cape Town on the Foundation and its programme.
    • – TEF is the founding member of SPARK, launched by President Obama in May 2015 at the White House to promote global entrepreneurship and presented TEF at global entrepreneurship forums: MassChallenge UK launch Feb; Global Entrepreneurship Congress Milan, March; Oxford University African Business Conference, Cambridge African Entrepreneurship Conference; to name a few.
    • – The Founder led a successful outing for TEF at the World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland and the World Economic Forum, Africa in Kigali, Rwanda.
    • – The Foundation has signed several strategic partnerships including: an MOU with the Nigerian Ministry for Information and Culture to invigorate the Nigerian Creative Industries; ECOWAS; International Trade Centre; Africa Development Bank, Microsoft to name but a few.
    • – We have built Africa’s largest online platform the TEFConnect, which is the go-to destination for African entrepreneurs.



  1. – Mentoring
  2. – Start-up Enterprise Toolkit
  3. – Online Resources
  4. – Meetups
  5. – Elumelu Entrepreneurship Forum
  6. – Seed Capital Funding
  7. – TEF Entrepreneurship Programme Alumni Network

The pillars have been designed to address the essential needs to ensure success for an African entrepreneur.


We believe that it is important for the TEF entrepreneurs to build a firm foundation for their businesses through mentorship, as well as the learning and networking tools provided by the Foundation. That way, when we do give them funding, they will be able to use the tools they have learned to put it to better use and maximise the benefits for their business.

Frequently Asked Question About Tony Elumelu Foundation
Frequently Asked Question


The Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) and the European Union have launched a partnership to identify, train, mentor and fund 2,500 young African women entrepreneurs in 2021. The partnership will disburse €20 million in financial and technical support for women-owned businesses, across all 54 African countries, in addition to providing increased access to market linkages, supply chains and venture capital investments.

This partnership is jointly co-financed by the European Union (EU), the Organisation of African, Caribbean, and Pacific State (OACPS), and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

This partnership will be implemented under the 2021 TEF Entrepreneurship Programme. Aspiring women entrepreneurs interested in this opportunity should apply to the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme which opens Jan 1 2021.

Visit for more Information On Tony Elumelu Foundation

Visit to apply for other empowerment opportunities 2022

Who Is Eligible to Apply?

All African women entrepreneurs living in any African country with the right to work and operate a business in that country.

Who Is Not Eligible To Apply?

Employees from the Tony Elumelu Foundation and the EU and their Immediate family members.


1 – How Do I Apply For The TEF Entrepreneurship Programme?

The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme is open to Africans from all 54 African countries with scalable business ideas or a business that has been operational for no more than 5 years.

Applicants must be 18 years of age and above. Interested applicants may register on

2 – Is There An Age Limit?

Applicants must be 18 years of age and above or considered above the age of minors in their country.

3 – Is There A Restriction On The Types Of Business/Industry?

Yes. The programme is not open to research institutions, faith based organisations, value adding trading companies, government contractors and businesses not located in Africa.

Businesses must not adversely affect the environment, lives and property. Business ideas must be for profit, and must be the original work of those making the submission.

4 – Is There A Restriction On The Age Of My Business?

Yes. All businesses must be business ideas or an early stage company, in the range of 0 to 5 years old.

5 – What If I Run Multiple Early-Stage Businesses?

Your application must focus on ONE business only.  We advise choosing your best, most feasible/innovative business idea.  Selected entrepreneurs are not permitted to apply for future cohorts of the programme, even with a different business idea or name.

6 – Will My Start-Up Be Excluded If I Have A Relation/Family Member Who Works For The TEF?

Yes. Current employees or their family members from the Tony Elumelu Foundation and affiliate companies in the Heirs Holdings Group and UBA Group are not eligible to apply for the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme, either individually or as part of a team.

7 – Who Is Not Eligible To Participate In The TEF Entrepreneurship Programme?
  • – TEF Audit Partners and their Immediate Family Members.
  • – Employees of companies affiliated with the Tony Elumelu Foundation who have been involved in the creation or administration of the Programme and their Immediate Family Members.
  • – The Promoter’s consultants and agents (and employees and Immediate Family Members of such employees where the consultants and agents are entities) involved in the creation and administration of this programme.
  • – Research institutions, faith-based organisations, government agencies and businesses not located in Mali will not be eligible to apply for the programme.
  • – Applications by TEF Alumni or their Business Partner.
  • – Applications by persons disqualified under any previous TEF programme.
  • – Applications made using methods such as a macro, script, using automated devices or processors or other forms of digital tool to gain an unfair advantage.
  • – Incomplete and incorrect applications.
  • – Applications which contain illegal or unethical Businesses or Business Ideas.
8 – As A TEF Alumni, Can I Apply Again Through Another SME/Start-Up?

No, existing TEF Beneficiaries cannot reapply to the programme after receiving seed capital. For non TEF beneficiaries who have applied to the programme unsuccessfully in the past, you are eligible to re-apply.


1- How Do I Apply For The Programme?

All applications must be submitted ONLINE through the application platform of the TEFConnect. You must complete an application form by answering a series of mandatory questions.

After submission, you will receive a confirmation email of receipt within 1 working day.

 2- What If My Company Is A Partnership?

Only one nominated person from the business or the partnership may join the programme. You must have consent from all partners, and have and equal or majority share to participate.

 3- Can I Apply Offline?

No. All applications must be submitted online through the TEFConnect only.

 4- What If English Is Not My First Language?

The application form is also available in Arabic, French and Portuguese.

 5- What Are The Important Dates And Deadlines That I Need To Be Aware Of For The Application?

The TEFConnect application platform is open from midnight on 1st January, to midnight on 31st March. It will not be possible to submit any applications prior to or after these dates.

Applicants who applied for the 2020 TEF Entrepreneurship Programme and have been advised to proceed to the next stage, are kindly requested to review and reconfirm their current submissions via on February 1, 2021.

The portal will open on for access review of previous submissions on February 1, 2021 reconfirmation must occur on or before March 31, 2021. It is mandatory for all 2020 applicants to review reconfirm their submissions.

 6- What Information/Identification Do I Need To Provide In My Application?

You must answer all the mandatory questions in the application form, and provide accurate and up-to-date information.

 7- How Many Applicants Will Be Chosen To Join The Programme?

There are 1,000 places available annually for the applications that are reviewed by Accenture and ultimately selected by the Selection Committee for a placement in the programme

8- Are There Application/Associated Fees?

No. The Tony Elumelu Foundation does not charge any applicants a fee for applying to the programme.

9. As An Alumni, Can I Help Someone Else Through The Programme?

The Tony Elumelu Foundation is proud of its large and resourceful alumni network. However, no alumni should offer to or solicit gains in whatever nature from prospective applicants.

10- How Do I Get Assistance While Applying?

No persons or agents have been authorized by the Tony Elumelu Foundation to assist applicants. We strongly recommend that applicants participate in the entire process by themselves. Please reach out to us via or on social media @tonyelumeluFDN and @tonyelumelufoundation on Twitter and Instagram if you have questions.

11- Can I Pay Someone To Apply On My Behalf?

No. The Tony Elumelu Foundation is a non-for-profit organization. Any activity carried out through the course of the programme – from application to receiving seed capital – on the premise of value exchange with any persons or agents is prohibited. The Foundation reserves the right to disqualify applicants or defaulting alumni on such grounds.


1- How Are Selected Applicants Chosen To Join The Programme?

Selection of the applicants will take place after applicants successfully completes all the stages of the training and successfully take part in the pitch.

The program stages are as follows

  1. • Application Phase
  2. • Training & Mentorship Phase
  3. • Business Plan Submission Phase
  4. • Pitching Phase
  5. • Seed Capital Phase
2-The Tony Elumelu Foundation Itself Is Located In Nigeria, Does This Give Preference To Nigerian Entrepreneurs?

No. The TEF Entrepreneurship Programme is a Pan-African programme and open to business ideas from all the 54 African countries from which we will select the best business ideas for the programme.

3-If My Start-Up Is Selected To Join The Programme, When And How Will I Be Informed?

Application phase takes place January 1 to March 31 and applicants receive notification of their status immediately they submit. Please look out for the email.

4-What Happens After The Application?

Once applications are submitted applicants will be placed in the appropriate training path as follows:


This means you do not have the skillset needed to start a business. You will go through the general free training on TEFConnect. You will, however, not be eligible for mentorship or seed capital but can reapply the next year.


This means you are a starter according to the business start-up profiling. You will go through the beginner training modules and you will have access to world class mentors during the programme.


This means that you have been profiled to be an intermediate entrepreneur. You have a good potential to be a successful entrepreneur. You will go through the Intermediate training modules and you will have access to world class mentors during the programme.


This means that you are or identified to be natural or a seasoned entrepreneur. You will go through the Advanced training modules and you will have access to world class mentors during the programme.

 5- What Additional Information Must I Supply Once My Business Is Selected?

If Applicants are offered a place in the Programme, Applicants will be expected to:

  1. – Complete a self-declaration form,
  2. – Provide proof of valid ID,
  3. – Provide a personal bank statement from the past 6 months,
  4. – Provide a statement of current personal debts,
  5. – Provide a reference from an employer, bank and/or academic institutions;
  6. – Provide business bank account details (For UBA present countries, it must be a UBA account).
6-Why Was My Application Unsuccessful?

Since inception we have received over 65,000 applications for the limited spaces on the programme, while we can only accept 1000 entrepreneurs each year. Here are a few possible reasons why your application was not successful:

  • – You did not complete the application
  • – Your business or idea is more than 5 years old
  • – Your business or idea is not based in Africa
  • – Your descriptions in one or more sections of the application was not clearly described
  • – Your application did not meet other eligibility criteria
  • – You scored low in one or more of the selection criteria.
7- How Can I Improve My Chances Next Year?

Ensure that you review the selection criteria in the next programme cycle and be sure to describe your business plan or idea such that every aspect of the business or idea (i.e. description, market, customer acquisition, financials etc.) is fully covered.

8- Is There A Waiting List For Applicants Who Could Join The Programme?

Yes there is a waiting list.  If any of the selected 1000 do not claim their places by the set deadline, the next best entrepreneur from the waiting list will be chosen before commencement of the programme cycle.

 9-If Not Selected, Can I Reapply In Another Programme Cycle?

Yes.  We will open the platform for applications on January 1 every year. Each applicant will be required to put in a fresh application. We believe the elapsed time should serve to refresh your interest in your entrepreneurial objectives, and there might be new developments to include in the application.

Q. Is My Business Qualified To Be Funded?

The seed capital is disbursed at the end of the programme cycle. The disbursement process may last for up to 3 months. The timeline is dependant on the applicant’s compliance with the KYC of the Foundation and their Bank’s, as well as the fund’s transit pace.


What Currency Is The Seed Capital Paid?

Once the final selection is completed; all successful entrepreneurs would be provided with pre-generated business accounts in UBA which they would be required to regularise before they can access the seed capital funds made to them through those accounts.

All selected entrepreneurs need to regularise within the stipulated time to be eligible for payment.

Q: How Do I Regularise My Account?

Find below the requirements to regularise the account:

  • • Deux (2) Photos d’identité / 2 Passport photographs
  • • Un extrait du registre de commerce (RCCM) / Trade register’s copy
  • • Le numéro d’identification fiscal (NIF) / Tax registration
  • • Carte d’Identité Nationale (CIN) ou l’attestation d’identité accompagnée du passeport ou du permis ou la carte de séjour du gérant en cours de validité ou la carte Nina / Valid ID card or residence permit or ID certificate + passport or driving licence of the manager.
  • • Justificatif de domicile (Factures EDM ; SOMAGEP portant le nom de l’entreprise ou certificat de résidence) / Proof of address (EDM, SOMAGEP invoices bearing the name of the company or certificate of residence).


Please note that the requirements listed are specific to UBA banks, and in non-UBA countries, applicants will have to visit their banks for further assistance and information.

For more enquiries and clarifications, please send an email to.


Q: Can I Get The Link To Update My Profile As A Mentor?

A: Yes, you can. Kindly sign into as a mentor and update your profile details.

Q: Are TEF Mentors Paid?

A: Our mentors are volunteers who do not receive payment for the support they provide. However, we reward their efforts through certificates of achievements and value-add opportunities.

Q: How Can I Apply To Be A Mentor?

A: Thank you for your interest in being a mentor. Kindly share your preferred email address and we will reach out to you. You can also join the global TEF Mentor Guild via

Q: What Are The Criteria Of Being A TEF Mentor?

A: We are happy to welcome you to join our Mentor Charter if most of these apply to you:

  • Professional or business experience of 5 years or more
  • Speak either English, French, Portuguese or Arabic Fluently
  • Passionate about developing others
  • Committed to Own learning
  • Great interpersonal and listening skills
  • Able to communicate through concepts and models
  • Business Savvy/ entrepreneurial
  • Able to see the big picture and connect the dots
  • Able to set and meet target goals
  • Being 30 years of age or more would be an advantage
Q: What Are The Requirements?

A: All interested mentors are to:

  • – Sign up to become a member of the global TEF Mentor Guild.
  • – Click on “apply here” to complete our registration form, from which we will obtain information that will be used to create your mentor profile on TEFConnect.
  • – Once your registration is accepted, you will be assigned as a TEF Coach or Mentor and be required to sign an MoU signifying that you consent to our mentor guild guidelines.
Q: Who Is A TEF Coach?

A: Coaches are individuals who have a minimum of one year business/ professional experience and have met a minimum of 30% of our mentor skills assessment.

They are assigned to guide a specified group of entrepreneurs while they are enrolled in the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme business training, for a period of 12 weeks.

Q: Who Is A TEF Mentor?

A: Mentors are individuals who have a minimum of five years of business/ professional experience and have met a minimum of 50% of our mentor skills assessment.

They are assigned to no more than 3 mentees who have met all requirements to successfully complete the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme and are considered TEF Alumni and must commit to mentoring their assigned mentees (TEF Alumni) for 2 hours monthly, over a 12-month period.

Q: Can A Mentor Also Apply As An Entrepreneur?

A: A mentor cannot apply as an entrepreneur.

Q: When Does The Mentorship Programme Start?

A: The mentorship programme happens in two phases: during the training phase that takes place every May till July, and after the entrepreneurs successfully meet all requirements to become members of our Alumni network in November of every year and runs for a 12-month period.

Q: What Are Additional Resources For Mentors?

A: The additional resources include:

  • – Access to self-development trainings
  • – Access to mentor groups for networking
  • – Access to the largest platform of African entrepreneurs
  • – Social media visibility
  • – Improved standing amongst peers, through association
  • – Annual mentor certificate
Q: Can I Get The Mentorship Email Address?

A: If you are a TEF mentor, kindly use this email address

Q: I No Longer Receive Email That Is Sent Out To Mentors

A: Kindly send an email to

Q: Will The Mentorship Programme Be Happening At The Same Time With Training?

A: The mentorship programme will run in two phases: simultaneously with the training, and at the end of the training.

Q: Is There A Telegram Group For Mentors?

A: Yes. Kindly send an email to to be part of this group.

Q: I Applied As A Mentor Instead Of An Entrepreneur. What Can I Do?

A: Kindly note that applications to the programme are closed for this year.


1 – How Can My Business Qualify For Funding?

Upon completion of the 12-week Start-up Enterprise Toolkit (learning) programme, certification of submitted business plan, provision of required documentation, business bank account, among other requirements, entrepreneurs will qualify for the first stage non-refundable seed capital of $5,000 (terms and conditions apply).

2 – What Funding Options Are Available?

Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurs who successfully complete the programme by meeting stipulated requirements and deadlines will be eligible for funding. There are two stages of funding available to entrepreneurs:

First stage seed capital funding of $5,000 (based on the official Central Bank of Nigeria exchange rate) – a non-returnable investment.  Please see Terms and Conditions for clarification.
Second stage capital returnable investment – entrepreneurs will apply and be considered for this based on the viability of their business.

3 – Is The Initial Seed Capital Amount A Fixed Sum?

Yes. The initial seed capital funding is fixed at $5,000.

4 – How Will The Funds Be Dispersed?

The funds will be wired directly into the entrepreneur’s business bank account – personal accounts are not permissible.  For those in UBA countries, the business account must be opened with UBA.


Q: Can You Help Me Retrieve My TEF ID?

A: For information about your TEF ID, kindly send an email to

Q: I Cannot Find My Certificate

A: For information about your certificate, kindly send an email to

Q: Can You Provide Me With A Letter Of Recommendation?

A: The Foundation does not provide letters of recommendation but can provide letters of introduction which confirm your participation in our Programme. To draft this letter, you will need to send your name, selection year, and the name and address of the organisation to

Q: I Have Not Received My Seed Capital

A: For more information about your seed capital, kindly send an email to

Q: I Have Some Issues That I Need To Raise To The Foundation

A: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The Foundation takes all issues seriously and conducts comprehensive investigation in all circumstances. Kindly send a detailed email to

Q: I Am Unable To Log Onto TEFConnect

A: Kindly send all TEFConnect complaints to  with a screenshot/video of the error message attached.

Q: I Want To Drive Application For 2021 Application Cycle.

A: Kindly click here for the 2021 Application Drive.

Q: What Is The NIRSAL Application All About?

A: It is a funding opportunity for second stage funding with NIRSAL Microfinance Bank (NMFB). NIRSAL is an initiative of the Central Bank of Nigeria that was created in direct response to lack of access to capital in the SME sector in Nigeria.

Q: How Can I Apply For The NIRSAL Funding?

A: Unfortunately, this opportunity is not available at the moment.

Q: I Applied For The NIRSAL funding, but I Have Not Heard From Them. What Is The Next Step?

A: For information about the NIRSAL application, kindly send an email to

Q: I Want To Host TEF Entrepreneurs Meetup In My State. What Do I Do?

A: In order to host a meetup with entrepreneurs, we will connect you with Your state Hub Lead. Kindly send an email to


1 – Can I Complete The Start-Up Enterprise Toolkit Courses Offline?

Yes. It is important to note that although all the course material is hosted on the TEFConnect, all assignments are practical (live learning).  You can download the content and refer to it offline.  You must, however, submit the tasks on the TEFConnect and they must be reviewed by your mentor.

2 – Are All The Courses/Tasks In The Start-Up Enterprise Toolkit Compulsory?

Yes. Start-ups must complete all tasks in the 12-week programme.

3 – Will The Start-Up Enterprise Toolkit Be Relevant To My Business Model?

Yes. All the topics covered under the Start-Up Enterprise Toolkit will be relevant to helping you improve your knowledge and practical business skills, no matter the industry.

4 – Will The Start-Up Enterprise Toolkit Be Suited To My Schedule?

Yes. Each week you will be given tasks to complete which are applicable to the day-to-day running of your business.


1 – How Do I Get Access To The Mentoring And Learning Platform Of The TEF Connect?

As a beneficiary on TEFConnect, certain aspects of your TEFConnect profile are limited and accessible only to the selected start-ups, mentors, alumni, the TEF team and selected partner organisations.

2 – What Can I Do On The TEFConnect?

The entire programme is hosted on the TEFConnect. Your engagement with your mentor and other entrepreneurs is done on the TEFConnect through one-to-one messaging, forums and live chats. The Start-up Enterprise Toolkit learning programme is also hosted on TEFConnect. You will have access to our curated online resources library of case studies, sample business plans, research documents, video presentations, and you can also communicate with members of the TEF Alumni Network.

3 – Can I Sign In With My Social Media Accounts?

Yes. The TEFConnect application platform has a single sign-on functionality and can link with your LinkedIn or Facebook account.

4 – Is The TEFConnect Mobile-Friendly?

Yes. The TEFConnect is accessible on your smartphones and tablets.


1 – How Will My Personal Information Be Used?

The name, country and profile of each successful applicant will be made available for PR purposes globally. Each individual will be asked to provide a profile and photo once they join the programme.

2 – Who Can Access/View My Profile On The TEFConnect?

The TEFConnect is a closed group, accessible only to the selected start-ups, mentors, alumni, the TEF team and selected partner organisations. Only those within this closed community will be able to view your profile and contact you on the TEFConnect.

3 – Will My Business’ Intellectual Property Be Protected?

All information housed on the TEFConnect is considered safe and secure. Intellectual property shared with the Foundation in your application is completely confidential, and only shared amongst the TEF team, designated reviewers and the Selection Committee who have signed confidentiality agreements.

All parties in the programme are held to the highest ethical standards, however, the foundation is not liable for copyright infringement or intellectual property theft among entrepreneurs and mentors. Any individuals found to be in breach of this will be disqualified.


1 – How Can I Contact Representatives Of The Foundation?

Selected Entrepreneurs and Alumni:

Contact the TEF admin through TEFConnect
-Applicants and other enquiries:
– Email (,
– The contact page on the website

2 – How Do I Stay Connected To The Foundation Even After I Have Concluded The Programme?

All entrepreneurs who have successfully completed the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme and collected their initial seed capital are automatically enrolled as members of the TEF Alumni Network.

3 – What Are The Benefits Of The TEF Alumni Network?

As a member of the TEF Alumni Network, you will have continued access to TEFConnect through “alumni” status (not start-up status). This gives you full access to our online resource library, peer to peer engagement, online and offline events notification and continued affiliation with the Foundation.

4 – What Happens If There Are Changes To My Business Model During The Programme?

Applicants are solely responsible for the structure of the business and the team members within it. Once selected to join the programme, entrepreneurs’ businesses cannot be significantly altered or amended.

 5 – How Much Time Must I Dedicate To The Programme?

Selected and confirmed entrepreneurs must be available to commit to the annual programme from May to December in the application year.

6 – Is Attendance At The TEF Entrepreneurship Forum Mandatory?

Yes. All selected entrepreneurs must attend the TEF Entrepreneurship Forum in order to remain on the programme.  Extenuating circumstances may be considered for non-attendance.

7 – Will I Need To Fund My Travel Expenses To Attend The TEF Entrepreneurship Forum?

Selected entrepreneurs travel to Nigeria for participation in the TEF Entrepreneurship Forum will be covered by the Tony Elumelu Foundation. The Foundation will advise entrepreneurs if this changes.

Mentors who are invited will be required to fund their own travel, unless otherwise agreed.

8 – What If I Require A Visa To Enter Nigeria For The TEF Entrepreneurship Forum?

The Tony Elumelu Foundation will provide an endorsement letter and supporting documentation (copy of flight booking, etc.) to make the process of obtaining a visa as smooth as possible.

No reimbursement is possible for visa costs, and you are solely responsible for applying for and securing an adequate visa for your travel.

Please see Terms and Conditions.

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