Federal Government Recruitment in Ebonyi State 2020/2021 Apply Now

Federal Government Recruitment in Ebonyi State 2020/2021 Apply Now

Federal Government has concluded plans to develop and turn the large salt deposits in Ebonyi State into commercial quantity.

This news was shared by the Personal Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on New Media, Bashir Ahmad.

Bashir Ahmad wrote on Twitter:

The Federal Government has concluded plans to develop and turn the large salt deposits in Ebonyi State into commercial quantity, the minister of state, mines and steel development, Dr Uchechukwu Ogah discloses the plan in Abakaliki.

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Federal Government Recruitment in Ebonyi State 2020/2021 Apply Now

My advice to job seekers

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Graduate is someone who have received an academic degree upon completion of one’s studies in the University or high school, therefore A Graduate is not an Occupation neither is a graduate a skill so go and develop yourself either in the profession you graduated from or something else because Nigeria don’t have regard for Graduate. After spending time, money and YEARS, in the university, at-times some become disabled or lost their lives in the pursuit of academic process, even common bursary are not paid, some are trained by poor parent who engage in farm work staving just to make sure their children are educated and to also secure a nice job after graduating but the reverse is the case right now in this country.

Then why Nigerian graduate attaching much value to the word graduate than its physical worth neither do they show-case it action on their daily activities because this days graduate find it difficult to start-up business, learn a skill, or trade all in the name of graduate by saying that they don’t want to reduce their personality, after becoming a graduate in high institution coming back to learn a trade from ordinary illiterate whom have not crossed four-wall of the university Undermining the kind of country Nigeria.

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Freelancing is an internet business you can do online genuinely by writing an article and making a cool money and you can take it as a career

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Liquid Soap this is another easy and less expensive business you can learn under a week and start making a supply to hotels, restaurant

Take an online courses by re-educating yourself on internet free online courses, seminars which some will award you a certificates. IFP MOOC is one of them. Also check Educational Marcaranta, Nigerian Training Network, Udemy, Nigerian Training Courses and Code-Academy, Lynda.

because this are the little things someone can just start as a financial vehicle while waiting for somethings bigger because you can have time to run some of this businesses as a graduate just think on where you can fit-in and start making money while planning further. There is Cash in your Trash mostly in all street of Nigeria.

Non-graduate are called illiterate but they are the one that are becoming more important in the society than graduate by doing some skilled handwork in one area of specification in-life, government have subdued the graduate to an extent that they are now comparable with Non-graduate because of unemployment and lack of job opportunities.

Illiterate is simply Uneducated in the fundamentals of a given art or branch of learning; lacking knowledge of a specific field but this days they are very very good as an artisans they are and being productive in the country.

Be active in church because the secret of success has always been God. Be active in God’s courts. And also in any group you find yourself, you can still learn a skill through your active commitment in church such as learning how to play a KEYBOARD/ORGAN, GUITAR, SET-BAND, SINGING, and DANCE all good these are good skills that can fetch you money either by joining a crew that will develop and deploy you, learn how to make money through people’s ignorance.


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