Feature Of NFTSEA Aidrop

Feature Of NFTSEA Aidrop
Community airdrop
  •  Airdrop quantity: 1,000,000 NS (20%)
  •  Airdrop rules: NFTSEA will end the community airdrop at 20:30 (UTC+8) on November 23, 2021. Community users can participate in the airdrop by submitting the ETH wallet address on the NFTSEA website. The initial amount of each address is 10 NS. The airdrop is completely free, and the airdrop rewards will be distributed to the submitted address after the airdrop is over.
  •  Invitation rules: Users can get additional NS token rewards by inviting friends to participate in the airdrop. You can get 10 NS tokens for each friend you invite. You can invite up to 50 friends, and get up to 500 NS tokens. The quantity for airdrop is limited, and NS issuance is small. The estimated price of NS is $100. Hurry up and share it with your friends.
  • Feature Of NFTSEA Aidrop
    What is NFTSEA Platform
  •  Pre-sale quantity: 3,000,000 NS (60%)
  •  Pre-sale price: 1 ETH = 10,000 NS. The minimum purchase is 0.1 ETH, and the maximum purchase is 10 ETH (the pre-sale quantity is limited, and the excess ETH will be automatically returned).
  •  Pre-sale rules: The system will end the pre-sale at 20:30 (UTC+8) on November 23, 2021. Use your wallet to send ETH to the pre-sale address, and the system will immediately send the corresponding amount of NS tokens to your wallet. The quantity of NS tokens for pre-sale is limited, and the quota is sorted according to the arrival time of ETH. First come first served.
  •  Once the pre-sale is over. 50% of the funds raised will be used for listing on Binance, Huobi and Coinbase. The other 50% of the funds raised will be used to buyback NS tokens. This action will prevent people from dumping.
NFTSEA(NS) Tokenomics
  •  Total supply: 5,000,000 NS
  •  Community airdrop: 1,000,000 NS (20%)
  •  Pre-sale: 3,000,000 NS (60%)
  •  Marketing & future development: 1,000,000 NS (20%)


Phase 1
October 2021

 Official website launched & smart contract deployed

 Social media sites (twitter, telegram, etc.) launched

 Pre-sale & airdrop started

 Developing the NFT platform

Phase 2
November 2021

> Pre-sale completed

> Airdrop distribution completed

> NS listed on binance, huobi and coinbase exchanges

> Buyback NS tokens

Phase 3
December 2021

> NFT platform launched

> Artists and high-quality projects settled in the platform

> Start large-scale marketing online

Phase 4

> Become the Largest, Lowest rate, and most comprehensive cross-blockchain NFT marketplace

 Start the Metaverse project

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More functions, more activities in planning

Feature Of NFTSEA Aidrop

Feature Of NFTSEA Aidrop

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