Enugu ORide and How to Apply /Download Opay Ride Application 2019

Enugu State ORide and How to Apply /Download Opay Ride Application 2019

ORide, a new on-demand motorbike hailing service has launched in Enugu Nigeria, Passengers can take advantage of up to 90% discounts on fares during the current promo, off every trip

The ORide service can be accessed in the OPay app currently on Android and iOS. Launching first in Lagos, expansion plans have been made to cities like Ibadan, Enugu.

Enugu State ORide and How to Apply /Download Opay Ride Application 2019

Enugu State ORide and How to Apply /Download Opay Ride Application 2019
How to Become a Member /Download Opay Ride Application 2019

Enugu 2019 ORide,

A new and innovative on-demand motorbike ride-hailing service has launched its services in Lagos Nigeria with immediate expansion plans throughout Nigeria.

Importance of ORide are listed bellow

  1. Opay create Job opportunity for youths working as an agents
  2. It facilitates drivers earning ability by its connectivity to passengers
  3. ORide ensures security of both driver and passenger by having the full details of both parties in their database
  4. It also serves as a social platform through which passengers and drivers meet and exchange contacts as friends of good understanding
  5. ORide increase business opportunity for android phone sellers for people who want to join ORide to enjoy the benefit
  6. ORide is the fastest means of hiring a ride for town services & thereby saves time
  7. ORide is an emergency means of saving life and property due to it fast response to movement
  8. ORide settles embarrassment of driver and passenger over a destination issue because the passenger’s destination is already known and also saved in the system for proper identification and evidence to prove.
  9. ORide has helped many people to learn the features of their android phones in other to participate and enjoy opay benefits
  10. Opay is the cheapest means of hiring a ride for town services in my state Enugu
  11. ORide has contributed to reduce the high cost of transportation system in my city thereby helping to stabilizing the economy.
  12. ORide has helped to reduce road accidents by stopping drivers from over speeding due to rush of passengers in other to meet-up before the day will be over

How to Download Opay Ride Application

Download Opay Ride Application by clicking here then put this code 309981 immediately launch the app in your gadget and start using it to bulk your ride any were you are

For more information contact +2348024511584

visit this link below for other registrations

ORide Registration and Opay Ride Application Download

www.enugu.appeals.ng/app Enugu Youth Empowerment website Register Now

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