For those of you who have been in the computer world before this new millennium, you will understand how the now popular Microsoft office software package became a household name.

Let me take you back memory lane.

For your information, I have been using computers and teaching computer operations since 1994.

In the 1990s, if you want to use computer for any office related jobs you will need to install different software package developed by different software companies. Such as:

For typing …. Wordstar, Wordperfect

For presentation .. MS PowerPoint

For Browsing (Browser) … Netscape Navigator

etc. From the above list of application software package you will notice that the only software from Microsoft Company is the MS PowerPoint

But what did Bill Gate’s Microsoft company do?

Microsoft decided to create their own version of those software and bundle it as a single package called Microsoft Office.

For typing they developed MS Word

For Calculation … MS Excel

What was the result of that?

The bundling of all those different application package software makes Microsoft company the only prefered company in office and business application software.

They were able to make it easier and cheaper for consumers to have all their required software packages in a single installment, unlike previously when they need to purchase several software packages from different companies at a higher cost and longer time for installation to their computers.

This is why all the previously popular application software packages are no longer in the market.

Now, if you understand the above scenario, you will understand what Onpassive is about to do to the Internet Marketing world as we know it today.

Think of all the major software or applications currently used to perform business on the Internet.

E.g. Webinar … Zoom

For hiding IP.. VPN

Google Calendar

Bulk Email … Aweber etc

Domain name/Hosting… GoDaddy, Namecheap etc

Website development

Social media

Video Creation for online marketing


What is ONPASSIVE  Opportunity

Onpassive will provide the Internet Marketing world with over 50 of those services at cheaper rate of subscription and better performance.

Now when Microsoft did that with Microsoft office, the founder of Microsoft company, Mr. William Henry Gates (Bill Gates) became the richest man in the world. He became more popular, famous and richer.

Unfortunately, he did not share those wealth with the consumers of those products who made him the richest man on Earth.

Now, Onpassive is about to do even better and bigger than what Bill Gates and his Microsoft company did.

However, the founder (CEO) of Onpassive, Mr. Ash Mufareh has a more humanitarian approach to this latest innovations.

Mr. Ash Mufareh is not interested in becoming the richest man in the world by accumulation of all the profits from his idea but rather he believes in corporate wealth sharing.

The idea of creating more founders within the Onpassive Ecosystem is to help several people from all over the world share in the amazing wealth that will be coming into the Onpassive Ecosystem after launch.

So, instead of Mr. Ash taking all the wealth, he is inviting you and I to come onboard now and position ourselves for the gigantic income opportunities that will be coming soon.

So, in a nutshell, been a Founder in Onpassive is been strategically positioned for unlimited wealth that can transcend beyond you to your next generation of unborn children.

So, if you are wise and smart, take action immediately without further delay.

Remember, this opportunity to become a Founder will not last long.

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