2021 Agricultural Recruitment Opportunities for Graduates Apply Now

2021 Agricultural Recruitment Opportunities for Graduates Apply Now

We must produce what we eat and eat what we produce.

At the national agricultural land development authority, under the Presidency, we are saddled with the mandate of harnessing the full potentials of the vast arable lands in Nigeria, empowering small Holder and large Scale Farmers and mechanize, support the drive for Food and Fiber security while assisting in diversifying the nation’s economy, improving household incomes and enhancing revenue mobilization and generation nationwide.

2021 Agricultural Recruitment Opportunities for Graduates Apply Now
2021 National Land Development Agency Youths Empowerment 

Food & Fibre Security

At NALDA, in the spirit of fulfilling our mandate, we will achieve Food and Fiber Security, for the Nation, we will achieve this by initiating various programs to empower the youth in agriculture.

Land Survey / Acquisition and Allocation

In our quest to harness the vast potentials of the Nigerian Land, we are tasked with acquiring, surveying, and parcelling lands to farmers, the more farmers we have cultivating, the higher our economic output as a nation.

2021 Agricultural Recruitment Opportunities for Graduates Apply Now

Agro Input Intervention

This intervention will be geared towards active farmers to help them expand, we will provide subsidies in collaboration with the Agricultural Development Project, Value Chain Actors, State Ministries of Agriclture and Co-operative bodies.

Women In Agriculture

At NALDA, we believe that women are an integral part of the workforce, and so we will empower women in agriculture. We plan to profile, engage and train women to take part in fish farming and aquaculture. We will provide the feeds, the medicines and access to clean water to ensure optimal production. We will also empower processors to help process the outputs according to domestic and international standards.

Under this programme, NALDA’s focus is on encouraging the Nigerian youth to participate in agriculture. Our goal would be to attract, encourage and empower 30,000 farmers from each of the 774 LGAs in Nigeria anually, cutting accross the entire Agricultural Value Chain.

The Pilot Phase of the NYFS programme has already started empowering young farmers in Animal Husbandry (Rabbit and Goat Rearing) and Fishery

NALDA Job Recruitment Employment of Graduates 2021 

How to apply for 2021 recruitment into national agricultural land development authority.

Visit the official website of NALDA  www.nalda.ng or www.newsjotter.com 

Federal Govt Approved Employment of Graduates into NALDA 2021 

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